I've split these up into enthusiast and software sites - there's essential stuff in both!



Site URL Site Owner Specialisation Mike McConnell

Compatibility and setup guidance for various communications situations, for the Series 3/5(mx)/7/netBook. Eric Lindsay I'm speechless. Eric has more reference info on ALL Psion EPOC devices than anyone! I could write a page just on his site contents, but I won't. Just go have a look... - The EPOC digest - the original Psion community mailing list. Alex Skilton Known issues with some Compact Flash cards and Psion 5mx. User-updateable database kept of errors found. Paul Wright Aftermarket screen cables for 5mx, 5, and 3mx that don't have the design flaw that causes the screen to fail after two years or so. ruey loon Loadsa stuff (very keen on dismantling Psions), but the unique thing is the screen cable for Series 5 (not 5mx though :o\) Martin Guthrie Author of many useful softwares _and_ brilliant tech help about using IR ports on PCs and mega detail about Compact Flash speed issues. Peter van Sebille Linux on ER5! Oh, and the ultimate pose - eDoom!! Bioeddie Excellent Psion classified ads page, a good share/freeware archive and Spectrum emulator stuff. Colorgraphic Makers of the only VGA out PC card for Series 7/netBook Eirik Newth The Seven Site. Resources for Series 7/netBook users. unknown The Psion Series 7 FAQ. What it says on the tin! Anthony Hook (and others!) Weekly discussion room for Psion/EPOC/Symbian issues



Software Sources Simon Wolf Tucows for EPOC :o) Plus reviews and a juicy lookin' tips section... Steve Litchfield The original Psion software library. Steve Godfrey Complete mobile phone management and SMS over IR. And PGP! We are not worthy.. many brilliant freeware for EPOC, including EpocSync, and the only ping and finger client for ER5, FlFinger. Andrew Johnson The de-facto standard printer drivers for EPOC ER3 & 5. 'nuff said! many nFTP is the only EPOC client to use colour. Fortunately its does everything you need!   Clearly the de-facto resource for Opera on EPOC. Alexander Zavorine Author of many useful softwares, including localisation software and the only MP3 player for EPOC.


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