My 5/5mx screen is behaving strangely (odd lines, blank sections etc.). What can I do?

5/5mx pointer won't click back into slot

5/5mx will not turn on

My 5/5mx is getting through batteries very quickly

How do I dismantle my 5?








My 5/5mx screen is behaving strangely (odd lines, blank sections or whole screen). What can I do?

If your screen is simply blank, first thing to try is changing the screen contrast setting using the keyboard shortcuts. Its Fn - N or - M on the 5s I think.

Next thing would be to try increasing levels of reset.

If you're seeing horizontal lines, its most than likely the screen ribbon cable has cracked. See repair options, or for those bold enough to dismantle their machine and get out a soldering iron, these are sources of the bare cable:

If a whole vertical swathe goes grey, its probable that one of the screen controller chips has gone. See repair options below.

To back up your machine before sending it for repair, you will have to 'fly blind' a little. I'm assuming here that you have PsiWin installed on a PC. Plug your 5mx into the serial cable, then turn it on. Type your password if you know your machine asks for one at switch-on. If PsiWin does not connect immediately, follow this procedure to get the connection up and running (thanks to Mike McConnell):

Finally, right-click My Psion on the PC, ensure that the connection settings match those you've just set on the Psion, then select Backup.



Pointer won't click back into slot

The catch has got stuck closed inside the case. Slide a thin stiff item (metal rule or fingernail) into the gap in the case below the serial socket. You will hear the catch click open. Check the 5mx manual page 187 for the official version of this procedure.

Last ditch, if your machine is out of warranty, open the backup battery cover. You can see the warranty seal label. Unscrew the screw under this label for half a turn. You will hear the click. Retighten the screw and try inserting the pointer. Hopefully this will sort that problem out unless the clip is broken.



5/5mx will not turn on

If you're sure your batteries are okay, but your 5 doesn't respond to any way of switching it on, first try adjusting the screen contrast via the keyboard - if you have adjusted the screen to use it in a very cold or hot environment then its possible it will appear blank when returned to a normal temperature. If this doesn't work, try a very hard reset (thanks Mike). If that does not solve the problem, you could try fiddling with the microswitch that tells the machine when it is open. Underneath the middle of the keyboard is a raised 'lump' that presses a microswitch inside the bottom half of the case when the machine is closed. Sometimes this switch gets 'sticky' and does not pop out under its own spring.



My 5/5mx is getting through batteries very quickly

Certain brands of batteries are simply not very 'Psion-friendly', so if you have recently started using a new brand then this could be it.

Alternatively, have a look at the 'Battery Informaion' screen (Shift-Ctrl-P in System). The 'Battery current now' should be below 50mA with no external power and with the backlight switched off. If it is any higher than this, try a soft reset to fix it.



How do I dismantle my 5(mx)



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