Where can I download PsiWin/EPOC emulator/Psion software updates/etc?

I need more printer drivers!

















I need more printer drivers!

Andrew Johnson is de man! We are not worthy :o)
He has written Postscript, PCL and ESC/P2 drivers which work with a wide range of makes and models of printer. Check out his site at http://www.aps.anl.gov/~anj/.



Where can I download PsiWin/EPOC emulator/Psion software updates/etc?

The quickest way to get hold of PsiWin 2.3.3 (the latest version) is here at PsionPlace.

Psion have streamlined their online services and there are now three sources of files from them (all free):

Psion Support

Your first port of call. Allows you to register your device, and download software relevant to it, e.g. PsiWin, file converters, software upates etc. The one piece of software I can't find at myPsion that is on the PsiWin CD is the Series5mx/7 Java Virtual Machine. Until Psion rectify this, I am making it available here.

Psion Teklogix

Certain drivers, programs, updated OS images (for the netBook) and EPOC R5 SDKs are available by registering as a Psion Teklogix Partner. Also technical info and a list of compatible PCMCIA cards.

Symbian Developer Network

If you want to start programming your device yourself, or run Java .jar files in the JVM, then join DevNet. You can download SDKs and emulators for most Psion products, including the command line interface to EPOC, ESHELL.EXE.




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