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Psiwin VS Outlook - the basics

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Psiwin Synchronsiation - troubleshooting

Much good info in this PDF, found in the 'Links' section of the Psionet site in South Africa by Kenny G of the PDAStreet forums (thanks Kenny!). That site has other good sync info - worth checking it out if you're having problems.



MS Outlook sync - the basics

Psion's own documentation about how to set this up is pretty good - MSOutlookSync.pdf. What this doesn't tell you is that you must first install the synchronisation plugin from the Psiwin CD, and that you'd also be advised to install both the 'Synchronisation Upgrade' and the 'Email Sync Upgrade 1.1', available from Psion's Support site.



Further advice about setting up sync

First of all ensure you have downloaded and installed the Email Sync update 1.1 from Psion's site.

Here's a great routine to follow to set up syncing efficiently, from Mark Kennep:

If you have not already done so, separate your synchronization tasks into 5 individual synchronization routines, one for each possible type of item to be synchronized. These are:

In each sync task, be sure to specify the exact location of each item both in Outlook and on the Revo in the Applications tab of the Synchronization Options dialogue box. Once this is done, test individual sync tasks. If you have corrupt data on your Revo, or in Outlook, this will make it easier to narrow down where the corruption is.

And hints if it doesn't work:

You could also rename your agenda file and your contacts file on your Revo and seeing if synchronization performs normally. Conversely, you could rename your Outlook pst file and try syncing to an empty/new pst file.



Known sync issues with MS Outlook

Do a search at Microsft's site for this:

"Known Third-Party Issues with the Outlook E-mail Security Update (Q264129) "

Follow the related documents it lists to learn more.



Alternatives to Psiwin

I've recently come across Intellisync from Pumatech. Its supports a far greater range of email and calendaring clients than Psiwin. Don't know how good it is, but it won't be worse than Psiwin ;o)




Page last updated: March 9, 2003