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I no longer use any Psion palmtop computers but will leave this site as a resource for those who do still use the best palmtop computers the world has ever seen.

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Its a FAQ(ish) because not everything here is a question, more just info relating to the most common issues faced by the owners of EPOC PDAs. By EPOC PDA I mean any handheld device with a keyboard that uses Psion's EPOC operating system. This includes the Psion 5, 5mx, Revo, 7 and netBook, Diamond/Sonic Blue Mako, and I guess even the Geofox One and Oregon Scientific Osaris.

On the links page I've listed a few choice sites I've found of people doing an amazing thing for the EPOC community. No, really!

The rest of this site is the FAQ. If you can't find the info you were after, I've provided a Google search box at the top-right of this page - I find putting 'EPOC' at the end of whatever I'm looking for usually makes the search specific enough.

Please please please if you have info that can fill in the gaps, or if anything I've written is outright wrong, contact me at . Whilst I am keen to help the worldwide Psion community, if you contact me directly for help and the information you need can be found on this site, I am unlikely to respond (RTFM, in the nicest way possible ;o). My best advice is to post at the PsionPlace forums; the community there posesses a far broader scope of knowledge than I do alone.

I suppose its only sensible to say summat like:

The information gathered here is presented as is. I am not liable for anything arising from the use of this information.


Hope you find it helpful :o)



FAQ Sections

Resetting your EPOC device - the options

Where to download Psiwin and EPOC software updates

Connecting to a desktop/laptop computer

Connecting to ethernet networks (Internet & LANs etc.)

Compact Flash cards

PCMCIA devices

Backing up your EPOC PDA

Connecting to the internet using a mobile phone

Emulating your EPOC PDA on your PC desk/laptop

Psion PDA & Gold Card Repairs

netBook specific

Series 7/netBook specific

Series 5mx/5/MC218 specific

Synchronising your EPOC PDA data with other computers

Converting EPOC files to/from other formats

Java how-to's and info

OS & programming resources

Known bugs outstanding in Opera 5.14(36)

Battery life - what can I expect and how can I improve things?

Really Useful Links

Site Update history


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